About Yumbo

Yumbo delivers fresh, healthy lunchboxes directly to schools, daycare centres and workspaces in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Our lunches are presented in a compostable lunchbox and contain freshly-made meals made from wholefoods. All ingredients are seasonal, locally sourced and organic when possible. Meals are low allergen and based on a modern plant-rich, nutritious diet.

Our school lunches are available Wednesday to Friday and delivered FREE city-wide. Can't see your school listed? Just get in touch and we'll add it to our system.

Adult lunchboxes are available every Monday to offices and schools in the Christchurch CBD.

All our lunchboxes are meat and dairy free, and gluten free on request.

Who Are We?

Yumbo was founded by Flip Grater and Youssef Iskrane. We are a Kiwi/French couple living in Christchurch with our 2 year old, Anaïs. After moving to New Zealand in 2016 we missed the French school system, which offers varied, nutritious meals to children right from toddlerhood.

With that in mind we consider taste, nutrition, sustainability and variety when planning our menus. We pride ourselves on offering a selection of traditionally 'kid-friendly' options alongside slightly more adventurous items to help expand our customer's palates.

Our adult lunches are also plant based, healthy and delicious. Check out our Facebook page for updates on our Meat Free Monday menus.

Good For You

We know how busy you are and we want to help simplify your week. Subscribing to Yumbo reduces your 'mental load' when it comes to shopping and menu planning, as well as the time you spend each week preparing, packing and cleaning lunchboxes.

Good For Your Child

Children need optimal nutrition to help them focus throughout the school day. Our menus include a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds (when appropriate) and grains. We use healthy fats such as coconut, olive oils and avocado, and regularly include probiotic rich foods. Every menu is planned with a child’s daily nutritional needs in mind and optimised by raw foods and super foods.

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Good For The Planet

Here at Yumbo we're committed to reducing food and landfill waste. We use a completely compostable lunchbox and make everything from scratch - so no excess packaging. We compost our food scraps and our menus are focused on maximum sustainability by using locally-sourced plant-based foods.

And most importantly... you and your kids will love our lunches!

We believe in presenting multiple food groups, textures and colours, making the food interesting, fun, and visually appealing.

Our lunches include plenty of 'sneaky' nutrition as well as obviously healthy foods so no matter what elements are eaten you can be sure your child is getting some goodness into their growing bodies.

All our recipes are approved by our own toddler and tested by a very willing group of tasters of varying ages. If your child has specific likes/dislikes or sensory issues, we absolutely welcome feedback and are keen to work with you to make sure they love their lunches.